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The requirements of companies and individuals are different, so is our approach. Our unique selling proposition and key differential advantage is the ability to tailor-make lectures built around clients' specific requirements.


To reserve a session or to discuss a tailor-made offer, kindly submit your enquiry using our Contact page or email us at - below are merely examples of some of our lectures.

Lecture I;  "What is Culture?"

People share a common denominator - the fact that we are all human beings. However, the similarities end there. From birth onwards, we subsequently develop unique personalities as a result of the influences we experience throughout our lives and by the things we surround ourselves with. These include people, media, literature, material objects and so forth. The list is endless. Yet what ‘culture’ actually entails is a subject that is heavily discussed, debated and analysed, be it the inclusion (or not) of religions, values or beliefs, evolution of cultures over time, and more interestingly, what role culture plays in our everyday.

Join this intriguing lecture and broaden your horizons with an in-depth discussion.



Lecture II; "The impact of Culture on learning"

Mandatory to successful knowledge transfer is people’s ability to learn. Research shows that culture has a direct influence on the process with which we learn.

How can we become better learners?

Do you adopt a ‘learning-to-learn’ approach?

Whether you are striving to develop your own career or working within the field of Teaching or Learning & Development, join the discussion and workshop following this lecture.



Lecture III; "Is diversity part of your organisation’s strategy?"

 Whether heading up the Human Resources Department of a multinational or managing a small family-run business, your talent pool ought to resemble the market you operate in.

Why does diversity play a role in strategy?

How do you best manage a multicultural team?

Join the lecture and add colour to the discussion on one of the key challenges facing  today’s businesses.



Lecture IV; "Living in Denmark"

 With all cultures being unique and different, what makes the Danish culture what it is? This lecture covers a wide range of areas such as communication styles, behaviours, values, social norms and structures, time horizons, rights and wrongs, and several other areas.

Are you new to Denmark and need a crash course in Danish culture? Or are you a Dane and realise you never met the definition of your own culture?

Join the lecture and get a thorough insight to the Danish culture.