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Enabling organisations and individuals to compete successfully by developing the required intercultural skills.

We provide:

  • Intercultural Training & Facilitation
  • Coaching & Mentoring
  • Culture Shock Mentoring
  • Cross-Cultural Conflict Mediation
  • Global Talent Management Services


Intercultural Training & Facilitation

To each unique culture around the world belongs a set of unwritten rules. Intercultural training aims at equipping learners with sensitivity and a set of tools enabling them to steer clear of intercultural conflicts and equally important to bring success to themselves and to their employers.

Our training courses can be country or region-specific, can entail cultural mapping or can be aimed purely at business purposes. Intercultural training for leaders changing export markets/multicultural teams, Global Awareness courses for organisations embracing diversity, or intercultural consultation for organisations making use of in/outsourcing are examples of some of our previously completed projects.

Our training is most effective when having addressed a thorough training needs analysis with our clients prior to commencement. This is followed by a sound facilitation ensuring successful implementation and the achievement of a high degree of consensus.

"Intercultural training is not solely a requirement for a new individual in the 'bakery' ... it is in fact more essential for the individuals in it already."  Pernille Hoejgaard Chaggar

Coaching & Mentoring

Intercultural Coaching and Mentoring is primarily relevant to individuals facing intercultural issues privately or in the workplace. Coaching and Mentoring is carried out on a one-to-one basis and is structured individually to fit the client. A series of methodologies are utilised bringing forward exercises and analysis to ensure a successful learning process and more importantly the personal growth and/or professional advancement that is the aim.

Culture Shock Mentoring

Entering a 'foreign world' is easier for some and difficult for others due to different factors. Regardless of our backgrounds and life experiences, we all experience what is often referred to as a 'culture shock' in differing degress when encountering a society and culture that is different to the one we left behind or are familiar with. One might have left a world that felt more transparent and easier to navigate in and now enters a world where everything is new and feels distinctively different. Even the water tastes different!

Multicultural ensures a successful integration through effective culture shock mentoring and thorough intercultural training.   

Cross-Cultural Conflict Mediation

Cultural differences often cause tensions between people of different cultues. Naturally, this is not limited to the workplace. Cross-cultural conflicts surface in all kinds of situations, be it international business, multicultural human resources, mixed marriages, parental or institutional relationships - the list goes on ...

We provide mediation in cross-cultural conflicts aimed at avoiding further damage caused in relationships, repairing such damage, creating a new foothold and most importantly developing the required intercultural cooperation skills for a successful onward journey.

Global Talent Management Services

Globalisation and the evolution of the field of Talent Management and Development brings challenges to organisations in their endeavour of managing human resources successfully. Multicultural combines professional knowledge and international experience to provide the following services on an adhoc project basis:

  • Organisational Development
  • Diversity Management
  • Globalisation of HR and organisational culture
  • Establishment and launch of HR structure
  • Gloabal Learning & Development