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A snapshot of our credentials include:

"Pernille 'thinks on her feet' and excels in analysing and thinking strategically. She has the ability to implement strategies of global, multi-ethnic businesses operating in Africa and the Middle East - challenging, demanding and rapidly evolving regions, be it in terms of the ever changing needs of the markets and/or the necessity to deliver outstanding strategies to a discerning clientele. Pernille has the skills to deliver on all fronts with great ease and utmost professionalism. She is a credit and an outstanding addition to any professional client." Suzanne Lee, Account Director, Saatchi Masius, London, United Kingdom

"After the facilitation of an excellent workshop on culture and change, at the Microsoft Bali Summit I decided to go for Pernilles Global Workplace Mentoring sessions. I had just relocated to Singapore from the States and was struggling coping with the cultural challenges and environment in the office. I learned extensively about working globally, where I moreover had a chance to include and solve real life incidents. I make use of the “toolbox” I built with Pernille´s help on a current basis through my work life and would definitely recommend any executive in need of Global Workplace skills to make use of Multicultural´s services. Michael Strand, General Manager, Microsoft Business Solutions

"Mrs. Chaggar juggles the world of talent and culture as a Michelin chef plays with the raw material in the kitchen. Her confidence in the subjects is remarkable and she shares that knowledge with utmost pleasure in her workshops. She is an excellent facilitator and lecturer who will hardly leave any student, superior or colleague unchallenged! I can as a retired and very experienced person in this field only give Mrs. Chaggar my very best recommendations." Paul Schiffmann, Head of Training, Psychologist, IFIM, Bonn, Germany

"As a Director at Cortex Park Odense, I had the pleasure of making use of Multicultural´s consultancy on intercultural communication and strategy. Cortex Park was established as an organisation of the Municipality of Odense to attract highly educated talent and foreign direct investment. Pernille is an outstandingly competent professional as well as a truly globally orientated sparring partner in the area of global talent and business development. Pernille made sure our business development strategy was culturally savvy and at the highest par required for international talents to identify themselves with the city of Odense."
Mette Reebirk, Former Director Cortex Park / Board Member Zoneox Medical, Copenhagen, Denmark

"I felt like a heavy weight was lifted from my shoulders after attending Multicultural’s Course on Danish Culture & Culture Shock.  I only wish I had known and had had the opportunity to attend this course when I first moved to Denmark, - not two and half years later. Many of the things I struggled with in daily life could be explained by the cultural differences between Denmark and my home country that were so thoroughly explained to me during the evening. Having a better understanding of these differences really helped myself and my husband to reduce our struggles in daily life. I highly recommend Multicultural’s courses to both those about to travel and live abroad and to companies hiring internationals in their workplace." Jessica Arrue Ramos, Clinical Product Manager ABR/OAE, BA, MAudSt, MAudSA Interacoustics, Denmark

"Upon arrival in Denmark my husband and I attended a full day tailor-made workshop outlining both the cultural differences between my husband and myself as well as Danish culture. Pernille makes heavy intercultural research understandable and within a few hours she was outlining several reasons to our daily misunderstandings as well as providing us with a toolbox to do better as a mixed couple and improving out integration in Denmark. During the course of the day it became very clear to me that I was in "deep over my head" in a culture shock that I found it very difficult to exit. It did not particularly like Denmark, Danes or the place I lived, actually anything about our new life.
Above all I had a new global role with many intercultural challenges as well.
Eight Culture Shock Coaching sessions with Pernille taught me, why I was in such a culture shock and how take the reins in my hands and slowly steer clear of the fog and make the necessary changes in my corporate and personal life. Pernille is extremely professional, experienced, very candid and she does make you work hard. However, it was worth it all, I still live in Denmark, I am happy here and we have made it our home."
Ida Wojtan, Head of European Service Delievery, Unilever Copenhagen, Denmark.

“The relationship between a service provider and a client is complex. Expectations, business strategies, budgets, cultures, and personal emotions play vital roles in shaping clients’ perceptions of professional communication and premium service delivery. Pernille has an admirable ability of mastering these and consistently surpassing her clients’ expectations. She manages to navigate independently through a highly competitive and multicultural business environment leaving her clients impressed with the final results. I find that remarkable and highly recommend her services." Maher Abouzeid, Group General Manager, Publicis Graphics, Dubai (UAE)

"Having joined Ms Chaggar's talk on intercultural management in a globalised world, I would recommend companies and especially executives who are operating and managing businesses across multiple markets encompassing diverse cultural nuances to attend this programme. Her knowledge and expertise of European, Middle Eastern and Asian cultures are very insightful, thought provoking and an absolute necessity in today's global business environment." Arvind Nagpal, Managing Partner, The Blue Tangerine Group, Singapore

"Pernille's major strength is the ability to quickly understand what makes her clients tick which not only enables her to satisfy her clients' 'wants', but also recognise and adapt to their individual emotional 'needs'. She employs and adapts this skill remarkably well to whichever culture her client might hold. As such, I have no hesitation in recommending Multicultural's services." Terry Perry, Marketing Director Marketing, British Airways - Middle East, North Africa & Central Asia, Dubai (UAE)

"Ms Chaggar values clients highly and offers them her full support. Her strong intercultural communication and presentation skills combined with her effective negotiation power, would be a remarkable asset to any client or firm." Kevin Arnold, Director Business Development, Emirates Group, Dubai (UAE)

“Multicultural’s course on ‘Intercultural Training’ in preparation for our family’s expatriation to Singapore was extremely valuable. The information and advice received was up to date, extremely accurate and reflected the realities of living and working in South East Asia. The fact that Ms Chaggar had recently lived and worked in Singapore was exactly what we required.” Anand Sarin, Divisional Head at one of Asia’s international banks, Singapore

"It was very refreshing to hear Ms Chaggar's presentation on African culture and how to successfully navigate the African business landscape. She brought to life first hand experience of having lived, worked and travelled extensively across Africa along with the theoretical knowledge. Most foreigners struggle to understand Africa and thankfully Ms Chaggar's expertise has begun to bring about the change needed as the continent rises." Clement Kilembe, Senior Analyst, Chevron Corporation, Houston, USA

"Pernille was very open and knowledgable about the differences in culture and why we act as we do! I so appreciated her very candid style. The material and methods used were powerful, - I learned much more than I had expected. I look forward to putting it all into practice and will definately recommend cross-cultural workshops with Pernille as facilitator."
Tara Cunningham, Global Supply, Kerry Group, Ireland

“My initial scepticism of the ‘Culture Shock in East Africa’ course with my husband was short lived. We left the course unequivocally convinced of the importance of the topic. I endorse Ms Chaggar as an undisputed expert in her field who makes training an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. The start of my overseas assignment in East Africa could not have been much smoother.” Mrs Van den Berg, newly posted to Nairobi, Kenya with husband and children by Siemens

“I have lived and worked in several countries and was impressed to learn from Ms Chaggar of new cultures and how to operate effectively as a senior executive in multi-ethnic environments. Her experience and advice regarding a multitude of different nationalities and religions was excellent. I highly recommend her services to any organisation that wants to succeed internationally.” Yoko Yamazaki, Director of HR at a Fortune 500 conglomerate, Tokyo, Japan

"Attending Ms Chaggar's bespoke intercultural training course on Middle Eastern cultures in preparation for my first senior level role in the Middle East was essential. The course was excellent in terms of understanding the various cultural differences and how to adapt one's approach and engagement in order to succeed professionally and privately in the region. Her training style, method of engagement and delivery of content is very effective in addition to her first hand knowledge having lived and worked in the Middle East for several years." Pritesh Dattani, Head of Internal Audit, Etihad Airways, Abu Dhabi (UAE)

"Ms Chaggar's depth of research and analysis is impressive as is her overall understanding of her area. Ms Chaggar is critical, highly provocative and employs an extremely lucid style of communication to the most complex arguments." Prof. John Hassard, Professor of Organisational Analysis, Manchester Business School, Manchester, United Kingdom

"After leaving spacious New Zealand and arriving in crowded Singapore with my husband and three children on a three year posting, I had severe difficulties integrating. Each day felt long and challenging. Looking back I realise that I slowly began to isolate myself. I felt depressed, terribly homesick and disliked my 'new' home country to a large extent. I heard of Pernille's experience and services through a parent at one of Singapore's international schools and decided to contact her. I immediately started culture shock coaching with her and have never looked back since. Pernille very quickly mapped my difficulties and challenges for me, showed me the way to start working with myself and dealing with my culture shock. She is excellent at what she does, is very honest and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. I suppose her having been through it herself makes all the difference!" Hannah Thomas, expatriate wife and mother, Singapore