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The requirements of companies and individuals are different, so is our approach. Our unique selling proposition and key differential advantage is the ability to tailor-make workshops built around clients' specific requirements.

To reserve a session or to discuss a tailor-made offer, kindly submit your enquiry using our Contact page or email us at Below are merely examples of some of our workshops.

I; "Multicultural Competencies"  (Duration: 2 days)

‘Intercultural Competencies’ is a term used to describe the ability to work across cultures through an instilled understanding of cultures on a general level in terms of communication and working style. In tandem the individual applies behavioural and attitudinal changes according to the respective cultures in the room.

Globalisation has made intercultural competency a must in one’s skills base, a necessity in companies’ talent pools and even more important for leaders and management.


  • Culture defined
  • Cultural mapping systems
  • Intercultural communication
  • Self-awareness analysis
  • Culture shock
  • Effective working in multicultural teams
  • Basics of intercultural management


II; "Danish Culture & Culture Shock"  (Duration: 1 day)

Entering a foreign culture can be difficult, frustrating and draining for individuals and family members. Regardless of our background and life experience, we all experience what is often referred to as a ‘culture shock’ in differing degrees when we encounter a society and a culture that is different to the one we left behind or are familiar with.

With all cultures being unique and different, what exactly is Danish culture? This workshop covers a wide range of topics such as communication styles, behaviours, values, working life, social norms and structures and other areas. It includes culture shock, how to work your way out of it and to ensure a successful integration into Denmark.

Join the workshop, learn and share your own experiences!


III; "Virtual Teams in a Multicultural World"  (Duration: 2 days)

One of the most common characteristics of a virtual work team is the composition of people from different parts of the world - a multicultural team where members in multiple locations are simultaneously part of the same virtual team.

Connecting with cultures and managing one’s team around the world using technologies such as video conferencing, social media, online forums and blogs is transforming the way in which we work. Above all the technical challenges lie the immense human challenges. Cooperation and collaboration are challenging enough with face-to-face working, however physical separation over 1000s of kilometres and multiple time zones with diverse cultures and ethnic groups is bound to cause despair.

Successfully managing or working in a virtual team requires intercultural competency and sound and relevant knowledge of intercultural communication. This workshop delivers that.


  • Intercultural communication
  • Motivation across cultures in a virtual world
  • Effective quality control in virtual teams
  • Culture’s influence on learning
  • Maintaining trust in virtual teams
  • Self-directed management across cultures


IV; "From Local HR to Multicultural HR"  (Duration: 2 Days)

Human Resource professionals increasingly work with and in international and cross-cultural environments. In addition to the usual pressures of work, HR professionals are now required to deal with the challenges emanating from cross-cultural differences.

Effective HR and Talent Management necessitates multicultural competencies in order to successfully recruit, motivate, develop and retain a multicultural pool of talent. Our workshops help do just that.


  • Multicultural competencies and culture shock
  • International recruitment
  • Retainment of highly skilled migrants
  • Expatriate assignments, management, training and benefits
  • Internationalisation of corporate material
  • Motivation in a multicultural environment
  • Learning & Development in a global context



V; "Managing Change in a Multicultural World"  (Duration: 1 day)

“I am convinced that if the rate of change inside an institution is less than the rate of change outside, the end is in sight.” J. Welch

 Before change comes learning. Someone has realised and learned that there might be a better solution or a more successful way of doing things. Integrating this learning into an institution or an organisation is what we nowadays refer to as ‘change programmes’. To avoid the current slim success rates in change programmes, it is vital that we educate ourselves better at understanding what change entails and which consequences we might be faced with. Multiply the level of difficulty by incorporating the fact that change and the perception of learning is profoundly different across cultures!


  • Culture and change defined
  • Intercultural communication and conflict mediation
  • Change management and multicultural teams
  • Managing an international network of stakeholders
  • Basics of intercultural management
  • Advantaging cultural differences in the process of change


VI; "Intercultural Management training"  (Duration: 1 day)

In addition to the normal challenges and pressure of managing a business, managers are also required to deal with the challenges and misunderstandings emanating from cross-cultural differences. Moreover, the knowledge we hold of how to develop, motivate and transfer knowledge in a global  organisation is often based on Western frameworks. In this workshop we set “rule” to question and apply it in global context!

Successful management in today’s globalised corporate ecosystems necessitates intercultural management competencies, which is the core of this workshop. 


  • Organisations and culture
  • The matrix in a global context
  • Successful management of multicultural teams
  • Motivation and learning in context
  • Cultural differences and communication
  • Intercultural management
  • Maximise the potential of multicultural talent